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TAU dazzles at Cersaie 2010 with the sparkle and refinement of Turmali, the last word in latest generation ceramic design



Brilliant, futuristic, groundbreaking, dazzling..

These are all ways we could describe Turmali, the star product which TAU Cerámica presented presenting at Cersaie 2010, the most important international event for ceramic floor and wall tiles which is being held in Bologna (Italy) from 28th September to 2nd October, where the company is once again showing its firm commitment to innovation and design, hand-in-hand with an unflagging desire to improve technical performance.

The TAU catalogue has been revitalised yet again and is packed with variety, quality and an ability to come up with solutions tailored to demand of all kinds, together with an unfaltering dedication to values such as fashion.

Turmali is the last word in interior design, a top-of-the-range porcelain tile product inspired by tourmaline stone.

The main feature is its iridescent effect, ever fresh, constantly changing and absolutely amazing.

Turmali is part of the TAU Metallica collection and has been produced by a highly complex technological process during the manufacturing stage, undoubtedly resulting from TAU’s wide experience as a brand operating in the field of ceramics.

In this particular case, Turmali is the crowning achievement of a project which won the prestigious Alfa de Oro at the most recent Cevisama show and which is now among us, achieving a unique result of a kind never seen before.

Turmali is available in three colours (blue, copper and pyrite) and has been designed in the 60x60 format because these dimensions display the sparkles and changes in tonality produced by its iridescent effect in all their splendour, thus creating a very cutting-edge exclusive atmosphere with a top-of-the-range aesthetic concept.

Turmali shares the spotlight on the Cersaie stand with TAU's new marble collection, a creative area which the company is revitalising and expanding in order to meet new demand from consumers.

Incredible care has been taken over these models, right down to the last detail, faithfully reproducing every last facet of the natural materials by which they are inspired, but with all the advantages afforded by ceramics.



Luxury, comfort, exclusivity and refinement... all these values and more are transmitted to environments which use the Breccia, Livorno and Colonna models, all designed using large format pieces and which will be displayed in pride of place in the company’s space at the show.

TAU has also drawn inspiration from slate-type natural stones for the launch of two other major new models from the company.

Mendoza and Terranova, both part of the TAU Pétreo collection, are two series of porcelain stoneware designed for smooth, warm, peaceful and very comfortable environments, although there is an unrelenting commitment to meticulous design.


In the same way, the variety of formats used for both models means that they can be used in modular assemblies, with a very natural finish which is always attractive.

Terranova is available in the 30x60 and 60x60 formats and is directly inspired by slates, from which it takes both the smoothness of the texture and its sinuous relief.

There are four versions of the series available: sand, beige, black and white.

As for Mendoza, developed in the 60x60, 30x60, 15x60 and 15x15 formats, it takes its appearance from quartzite.


The pieces are designed so that each of them is different, producing a very natural effect, with attention to detail right down to the last millimetre.

While we are on the subject there is another key launch to discuss.

There is now a new version of the successful Magma Blend model.

This version is more neutral, giving the product a new image, perfectly suited to high-class spaces and sold in the 30x60, 15x60 30x30 and 15x15 formats.




TAU is also a byword for fashion, as shown by the company’s new wall tile collections, especially Canapa and Greta.

Canapa bases its aesthetic on the textile fibre, with sparkles and veins built into the whole surface of the piece.

The model is manufactured in red paste, white paste and porcelain and offers a wide range of formats, from 30x30 to 30x90, amongst others.

Another key feature is the wide variety of decorations available to go with the model, the standout being the gorgeous finish achieved using the special glass mosaic-type pieces.

The key feature of the Greta wall tile is the lustre of its pieces and the slight relief offered by a model which picks up on and shows off the very essence of ceramics, without needing to take its design from any other material.

The product offers a wide range of colours grouped into two concepts: one which is more neutral (white, grey and black) and another in pastel shades (aquamarine, pink, and wengé), all in the successful 20x60 and 31.6x31.6 formats.

The two ranges of palettes can be combined with one another, as well as offering a wide range of special pieces allowing you to add your own finishing touches to a versatile, young and very carefree model.


Finally, we are rounding off the catalogue of new products which TAU proposed at Cersaie 2010 with the restraint and elegance of Kemberg, a stone floor tile available in four colours and in the 30x60 and 60x60 formats, and Cotto, a fresh take on a product which proved very popular on the market and which is now being made available as a spectacular 60x60 piece, allowing new applications and uses for a material that never goes out of fashion and is thus always up-to-date, its most characteristic feature being its warmth and natural feel.




TAU draws on the splendour and magnificence of the past in its new Breccia, Livorno and Colonna marble collections


TAU is looking to the past to bring the best of history and nature right into the present day.

The company’s new ceramic collection inspired by the most spectacular marble materials offers interior designers all the restraint, elegance and exclusivity of a truly unique product.

The Breccia, Livorno and Colonna collections are timeless, majestic, beautiful and as eternal as the material by which they are inspired.

Three epic products evocative of times past which still dazzle us even today and which are sure to leave their mark on the very latest in design and fashion.

Breccia, Livorno and Colonna are designed for users whose number one priority is the quality, sophistication and elegance of an aesthetic concept at which the TAU design team are now taking a fresh look, aiming to open up a whole new range of aesthetic possibilities, ranging from the purest classicism to the last word in modernity and cutting edge ideas, depending on how the materials and concepts are applied to each individual space.


The feature that leaps out from all three models is a spectacular sparkle and a very natural and yet technically complex finish with which they have each been developed, all of which meant a great deal of work on updating the technology.

In fact, Breccia, Livorno and Colonna - all part of the highly successful TAU Lumina collection – took many months of work and research to come up with, and the end result is three unique, exclusive TAU series, like nothing else available on the market right now.



The design used for Breccia is taken from Breccia Aurora stone and is very pure and realistic.

The crystalline effect of its highly polished surface reveals veins, unique shapes and spectacular chromatic variations which can now be transferred to key spaces in homes, offices, shopping centres, public buildings, etc.

This is a porcelain tile for the most demanding users, for whom elegance is a top priority.

Breccia is available in 44x44 and 60x60 formats for floor tiles, plus 32x90 for wall tiles, thus covering all the bases and providing all the solutions which the market is looking for.


Livorno is no less impressive.

This is a model inspired by Calacatta marble and it comes in a 60x60 format, as a large piece of polished porcelain tile, and also in 44x44, 30x60 for floor tiles and 32x90 for wall tiles.

Livorno features a smooth combination of veins, contrasts, nuances and well-balanced, natural chromatic effects which are constantly changing, keeping them forever fresh.

The third marble style model which TAU is launching to mark Cersaie 2010 is Colonna, directly inspired by the noble material used to build the square of the same name in Rome, best-known for the majestic Aurelian column which towers over it.

The marble used for the Colonna series is greyish in colour and is available in a lapped 45x45 format, with 60x60 amber, beige, grey and ivory version.

All four are highly refined models suitable for sophisticated environments, and now, thanks to the development work carried out by TAU experts, they are now within reach for all users.



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