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Agatha, created by Spanish designer Luis Eslava for LZF, is a hanging lamp whose shape is achieved through the concentrical superposition of materials. Same as in every LZF object, its lines remind us of those we find in nature: a flower, a tree, an animal. Light in aspect, Agatha suggests simplicity and originality. This lamp “blooms”, forming a semi-spherical object, in two different sizes: 76 cm x 37 cm and 140 cm x 100 cm, or expanding to form a full sphere: 76 cm x 76 cm. Available in 8 different finish tones, Agatha can be adapted to a wide range of spaces: private homes, contract, ephemeral settings, and many more.


The Air collection was an idea of Irish designer Ray Power who, fascinated by the huge potential offered by Polywood® decided to explore it’s whole range of possibilities, manipulating and using the sheets to create tridimensional objects. The result, a conical stand and shade which suggest both visual and technical stability. LZF intention is to achieve, with this design, a recognisable shape through the use of a material so wildly natural, yet, achieving a form of iconic expresion of the most classical models. In its wall version, this allegory of lightness brings out both its genuine quality and its ability to adapt itself to its surroundings: Agatha gets to “lean” against a vertical surface, projecting light in a unique fashion. Its original shape is a good asset for every place: private homes, commercial areas, ephemeral settings, and so on. Air-A is the winner of the prestigious award Red Dot 2010 (Germany) and the Good Design award (Chicago, 2009). Air for wall is available in size 23 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm.


Armadillo, is a design by Spanish designer Eslava. Its shape reminds us of that strange mammal from Southern America whose activity starts at sunset. Armadillo-S gives a warm light, almost as timid as this little animal’s attitude at dawn. The lamp, woven in a coat of superposing scales, features a unique play of light and shadow. The textured material of the armour opens a whole universe of decorative ideas. It’s sifted light gives the place a genuine warmness that proves perfect for public or private interiors. Currently available in two sizes (hanging version): 78 cm x 50 cm and 104 cm x 70 cm.


Irishman Ray Power designed the Link family for LZF with a rigorous study of form and geometry. Made up of Moebius strips piled on top of one another, it confers warmness thanks to an interesting light and shadow play. In the hanging version the shade attracts all the attention. Link can grow longer and wider, thus giving a personal touch to each interior thanks to its different colours and finishes. Available in shade sizes 42 cm (diameter) or 69 cm. Link has been awarded the Design Plus Material Vision’07 award for the use of LZF’s famous Polywood®.


Link Chain. Following the shape and form of the original link, created in 2007 by Irish designer Ray Power and with the collaboration of Spanish designer Marivi Calvo the link chain is born ! This member of the link family has grown, and considerably so, reaching lengths of up to 172cm. Carrying on from Ray’s study of form and geometry present in its predecessors this stack of moebius strips comes in two standard sizes made up of 3 sets and 4 sets of the large link pendant modules. The result is a more powerful version, if possible of the large link suspension light, still using however, with great skill the polywood veneers with which it won the the design plus material vision prize back in 2007.


Pleg is a wall lamp born from a very simple gesture: that of folding a Polywood® sheet. The light is diffused through the open sides while passing through the front piece of the veneer. Thanks to its small size Pleg can fit in nearly any space, horizontally or vertically. In each case, the effect will be different. Spanish design studio Yonoh is responsible for presenting us this model, nearly an exercise in origami, that will captivate those who look for simplicity as well as efficiency and a style that goes well in any interior. In horizontal position Pleg has the following dimensions: 26.5 cm wide, 11.5cm deep and 18cm high. it is available in the 8 wood natural wood veneer finishes that LZF offers for other models.


The Tilt collection is a design of Spanish designer  Víctor Carrasco. Two volumes and just one image: a sculpture of light. Tilt is a lamp family conceived to fit well both at home or in public environments, since its different formats cover all the indirect lighting needs. Its simple shape ends with a screen that seems to dance: this is Tilt’s distinctive feature. In the table version Tilt features a flattened shape, if compared to the floor version. It is 40 cm high with a screen of 42 cm diameter. Available in the eight CHW finishes by Lzf.


The Totem lamp is a result of the combination of two different designers and their ideas. German Burkhard Dämmer and Spanish Mariví Calvo fused together Dämmer’s original models the poppy and the pod to create this powerful light sculpture. Given its monumental proportions Totem was conceived for huge areas. The peculiar disposition of its screens creates an imposing vertical object, a volume full of rhythm and harmony. Thanks to its versatility and combination potential, it is available in three standard configurations. But other possibilities can be studied…


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